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Lowering the legal drinking age to be 18 not 21

At 18 years old, American citizens can legally vote in a presidential election and go to war to defend their country. Despite being considered old enough to shoulder those significant responsibilities, it’s illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to walk into a licensed venue and buy or consume an alcoholic drink.  In 1984, […]

Gun Control

Gun control measures are a subject of global controversy. Each time the news reports a mass shooting, there is a knee jerk reaction calling for stricter gun control across the country. Each country makes its own laws regarding gun control with measures differing from country to country. Gun control around the world In America, carrying […]

US pulling out of the UN

Since the League of Nations and subsequent United Nations were formed, there has historically been opposition to both bodies among American citizens. In 2013, public opinion polls indicated that 38% of Americans wanted less involvement with the UN. In contrast, a 2016 poll showed that 88% of Americans were in support of active engagement in […]