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In 2018, Emma Alberici, the chief economics correspondent for ABC continued in her position despite the publishing of two controversial articles about corporate tax. The news story and analysis piece was riddled with errors and also claimed incorrectly that Qantas was unfairly targeted for a failure to pay tax. In fact, a series of large […]

Free speech versus hate speech

Free speech is a democratic right to verbalise an opinion without fear of reprimand or punishment. Hate speech, by definition, is verbal or written prejudice against a group often based on race, religion or sexuality. While the public is protected against hate speech with offences punishable through the court system, a fine line can exist […]

Banned books

Books including novels, non-fiction works such as biographies, plays and poetry may be banned by governments for various political, religious or moral reasons.  Governments may deem it necessary to censor certain books to protect citizens, or to stop them from accessing information about opposing ideologies which may contradict a government’s form of rulership. In Russia, […]

Gay Marriage

gay marriage

The beginning of the 21st century saw significant progress in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights. Since June 2015, all US states now recognize marriage between same-sex couples thanks to a Supreme Court ruling. The United States Congress is currently sitting a proposal with the Equality Act to make discrimination based on gender identity […]