Recreational Marijuana

Many countries around the world have spent billions trying to control the use of recreational marijuana. Yet in some societies, it was and still is considered quite acceptable.

In many African states, smoking a joint before getting down to physical labour enabled people to work harder and longer. Zulu warriors under King Shaka smoked cannabis before going into battle as they felt it gave them focus and courage.

It was the Greek historian, Herodotus, who recorded that the ancient Scythians who roamed the steppes in what is now Southern Siberia, used cannabis as a recreational drug. Indian hemp has long been used both for making rope and as a recreational drug. 

With the consumption of recreational marijuana in Western countries skyrocketing over the years, the debate rages over whether recreational marijuana should be legalised.

Cannabis use has become so widespread that authorities struggle to reign control over the producers. The psychotropic ingredient of the cannabis plant delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) led the US government to classify it as a Schedule 1 substance and ban use under federal law.

While advancements made in the medical use of cannabis have led to more vocal calls from both medical users and recreational users to lobby for marijuana to be legalised, the use of cannabis with elevated THC levels are still cause for concern. The euphoric high associated with THC is also associated with physical side effects and reduced levels of responsibility which can impact daily life. 

Calls to legalise marijuana are based on the argument that currently only criminals’ profit. If everyone could grow or buy their own freely there would be better quality and the law enforcement agencies expending their time on hunting down growers and dealers could be spent more usefully on other serious crimes.

The primary group against legalising recreational marijuana are medical researchers who know what a complicated drug they are dealing with. First off, they say it reduces dopamine levels in the brain making a person less motivated. It’s also regarded as a gateway drug to more serious drugs for those prone to addictive behaviours. 

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