Only two genders

In an effort to accommodate changing social norms in gender diversity, people may choose to identify as male, female or as gender diverse. Gender diversity extends into sub-categories including transgender male to female and transgender female to male.

According to political commentator, Ben Shapiro however, there are only two genders; male and female. He vocally believes that everyone is born with either XX or XY chromosomes which define their gender and there is no in-between.
Those who perceive themselves other than the gender they were born experience what’s known as gender dysphoria. The condition may lead to mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression.

Russell Toomey of the University Arizona and his co-authors found that 50.8% of transmasculine adolescents (those who are born as a female but identify as a male) aged between 11 and 19, had attempted suicide at least once.

It can be something of a minefield to navigate acceptable language surrounding those with gender dysphoria. Previously common terms may now be considered offensive. In fact, the disorder itself was once known as gender identity disorder which is also considered offensive use of language. What was once innocently called a sex change operation is now gender reassignment surgery.

For the general population, it can be confusing to know which terms are acceptable and which are perceived as offensive or insulting when referring to those who do not identify as male or female.

Shapiro is adamant that as a minority group (between 4.5 and 5.1% of Americans identify as part of the LGBT community), the remaining 95% of Americans shouldn’t have their right to freedom of speech challenged because of confusing language.

Are there only two genders or should we remove male and female from everyday language to appease those who don’t identify as either a male or a female?