Immigration Assimilation

It’s assumed that those who emigrate to Australia are seeking a better life in a democratic country that values honesty, integrity and non-violence.

The Lebanese and Sudanese groups are over-represented in recent crime figures with the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency reporting that Sudanese born youth are 120 times more likely to commit aggravated burglaries than their Australian counterparts.

In 2018, 66% of those arrested for offences relating to terrorism were from Lebanese Muslim backgrounds.

When Peter Dutton noted the crime statistics were of concern, he was labelled racist and the president of the Lebanese Muslim Association weighed in with accusations of a toxic government with a nationalist agenda.

Bill Shorten, the Opposition leader, wanted Dutton to apologise for his ‘ignorant stupidity’ and Sarah Hanson-Young accused him of racist bigotry. 

Australia is a democratic country with everyone entitled to freedom of speech. Opposing views are welcomed however this conflict of opinion doesn’t change the data regarding crime. 

Despite being only 3% of the population, Muslims make up 9% of the prison population and 20% of the maximum-security prisoners. According to figures released in 2016, in Victoria, one in seven Sudanese born youth aged between 10 and 24 has been charged with a crime. These statistics relate to over-representation in certain areas only. The majority of crime is committed by Australian born offenders who make up the majority of the population. 

If migrants to Australia don’t want to, or can’t embrace the values of democracy, equality and freedom should they be allowed to remain in Australia, or should all immigrants be subject to assimilation which ensures they’re committed to abiding by Australian laws?