Illegal immigrants in the US

Major US cities are being targeted in a blitz to arrest and deport those living illegally or without correct citizenship documents.

According to tweets made by President Trump in June of this year, the time and date of enforcements are confidential in order to avoid tipping off illegal immigrants. In fact, in 2018 the mayor of Oakland, California was threatened with criminal prosecution for alerting residents to imminent raids.

For such a highly confidential raid, it could seem counterintuitive that Trump has made his intentions clear via social media.  Although Trump’s tweets have indicated that “millions” will be deported, the Homeland security officials may not have access to the resources required to carry out such a large-scale operation causing some to question the validity of the information.

Trump is also endeavouring to make sure Homeland Security officials arrest and remove thousands of family members.

There is widespread concern that the family arrest plan could inadvertently separate children from their parents if arrests are made while children are at school or playing. In many cases, parents may not be legal citizens but if their children are born in the US, parents could be deported, and the children left behind.

The announcement of the dramatic measures may indicate a scare tactic to alert illegal immigrants that the US authorities will be enforcing the letter of the law. This is in the face of a mass influx of Southern Mexico migrants looking for better opportunities in the US.

Some people are of the opinion that illegal immigrants are fully aware of the implications of their actions and must be prepared to take the consequences. They believe that illegal immigration is what it is; illegal.

Immigrants without a visa or permission to stay must return to their countries of citizenship and separation from family members was always a risk of living in America illegally.

On the other hand, it’s estimated that illegal immigrants support the economy and contribute around $7 billion annually to social security which they can’t claim so benefits older US citizens.

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