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Only two genders

In an effort to accommodate changing social norms in gender diversity, people may choose to identify as male, female or as gender diverse. Gender diversity extends into sub-categories including transgender male to female and transgender female to male. According to political commentator, Ben Shapiro however, there are only two genders; male and female. He vocally […]

Military camps for troubled youths

To help troubled teenagers reach their fullest potential, the Veteran Mentors Junior Leader Programs have been designed to teach essential life skills and instil accountability for behaviours and decisions. The programs are specifically designed for children who have low self-esteem, poor behaviour patterns, technology and media addiction, and who lack respect for authority. Designed by […]

Genetically modified food

Genetic modification of food was first used in the 1940s as a method of altering the DNA of natural foods to solve social and economic challenges. Gene technology is applied to plants, animals or microorganisms and occurs when genes are transferred from one organism to another and between non-related species. For example, a nut gene […]

Gender social construction

A person’s perception and construction of their gender primarily occurs through four channels: 1) Family Some families choose to raise their children following traditional gender stereotypes. They may give girls prams and dolls to play with and boys toy cars. Other families may choose not to conform to gender norms or colour schemes and allow […]

Free speech versus hate speech

Free speech is a democratic right to verbalise an opinion without fear of reprimand or punishment. Hate speech, by definition, is verbal or written prejudice against a group often based on race, religion or sexuality. While the public is protected against hate speech with offences punishable through the court system, a fine line can exist […]

Death penalty

The death penalty has now been abolished by 106 countries across the world. 56 governments still claim their right to execute felons if a court of law finds them guilty for heinous crimes such as murder, terrorism, treason and espionage. Guidelines for execution are broad and vary from country to country. Calls from political groups […]

Banned books

Books including novels, non-fiction works such as biographies, plays and poetry may be banned by governments for various political, religious or moral reasons.  Governments may deem it necessary to censor certain books to protect citizens, or to stop them from accessing information about opposing ideologies which may contradict a government’s form of rulership. In Russia, […]

The World Bank, the UN, & global warming

With over $6 billion at its disposal, the World Bank’s Climate Change Fund Management Unit is driving initiatives that provide innovative action towards reducing global warming.  Operated in conjunction with the United Nations, opportunities are created to positively impact climate change while creating employment and economic growth opportunities for member countries. Initiatives include: Enabling low-carbon […]

Poker machines

The Pokies as they are informally known first became legal in New South Wales in 1956. The remaining states and territories apart from Western Australia where pokies are banned unless they’re in a casino. At the last count, there were 196,600 poker machines in Australia with over 95,000 in New South Wales alone. By comparison, […]

Mandatory national service

National service is no longer mandatory however the United States can reinstate the order should a national crisis arise. Citizens argue that it’s unjust for a government to demand mandatory national service for the following reasons: A government does not own its citizens and cannot make them work for months or years at a time […]