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As recent events like elections in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia have shown, polls predicting the results can be highly inaccurate and don’t really reflect the opinions of the average person. By getting away from traditional polling methods, like the telephone, and using an online platform, we make polling accessible to all and therefore more accurate.

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We give you the results and let you comment on polls through our online forum so you can see how others feel and engage in polite but robust debate about the questions that matter most to you. By making our registration easy and affordable, anyone can participate, thereby painting a better picture of how people really feel. Aren’t you tired of reading polls where your opinion never seems to count?

We also offer members exclusive content–blog posts that examine both sides of some of the most widely discussed issues of our time. We give you another perspective so when you make a choice, you are informed and up to date on the subject matter.


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