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RECENT discussions

Do you believe that Greta Thunberg was a worthy candidate for a Nobel Peace Prize?

Layedback71 says:
no way should she even been nominated

OCTOBER 10, 2019 AT 6:13 AM

Jean says:
I agree, she is only a kid and has been exploited by her parents and others.

OCTOBER 11, 2019 AT 6:32 AM

Sharon61  says:
the world should be proud of our young people having their say.

OCTOBER 14, 2019 AT 10:17 AM

Will the Democrats get Donald Trump impeached?

Jack71 says:
No way will they ever impeach trump….I read his call and he did nothing wrong

OCTOBER 12, 2019 AT 4:28 AM

Jagger says:
he is as guilty as sin and guarentee he will go down as he deserves.

OCTOBER 14, 2019 AT 9:32 AM

Russell says:
trump is great and the democrats wont get him because he is smarter.

OCTOBER 14, 2019 AT 10:20 AM

Should transgender athletes compete in athletic events against non-transgender competitors?

William says:
its unfair having a man running against women in a womens race, let them have their own competitions where its equal.

OCTOBER 08, 2019 AT 10:40 AM

Sue89 says:
It must hard for parents to watch their teenage kids compete against the trans athletes knowing all their hard work and dreams will be down the drain.

OCTOBER 09, 2019 AT 9:50 PM

Chloe94 says:
i dont know what everyone is going on about once they transition they are all the same.

OCTOBER 14, 2019 AT 11:22 AM

The problem with most polling services is their process is wrong! We’ve seen this with recent elections in the United States and Australia, where the polling is targeted at a specific demographic for an easier result due to election promises for the masses. Global Polling caters to a wider audience and offers more accurate results politically and socially. 

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